The team

Our team consists of a healthy mix of geeks, autodidacts and formally educated. We are community leaders, devops and open source evangelists who understand your business.

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Some of us also like to write about their technological or personal adventures and mishaps.

Kris Buytaert's picture Kris Buytaert Resident Geek, Devops Evangelist, PuppetMaster

Christophe Vanlancker's picture Christophe Vanlancker Inuit, Open Source Enthusiast, Self Proclaimed Senior Junior Sysadmin

Jan Collijs's picture Jan Collijs Linux & Open-Source Consultant

Jan Vansteenkiste's picture Jan Vansteenkiste SysAdmin / Open Source Consultant.

Jeroen Budts' picture Jeroen Budts Open Source consultant. Interests: Linux, PHP, Drupal, Ruby, Vim, Git, Sci-Fi.

Julien Pivotto's picture Julien Pivotto Open-Source consultant. Sysadmin. DevOps, monitoring and automation.