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Inuits’ mission embodies pure innovation by looking at the dynamic ICT landscape from a different point of view. This enables us to create a fitting solution for our customers, using the latest technologies combined with durable open source components.



  • Cultural change
    • Bringing system administrators and developers together.
  • Automation
    • Continuous integration, delivery, deployment & infrastructure as code.
  • Monitoring
    • Making sure your business is available and stays available.
  • Metrics
    • Tracking efficiency.



  • Mundosalsa
    • Advanced track & trace platform, developed with high tech open source software.
  • OpenSport
    • First of its kind cloud-based PoS Software/Hardware solution developed with Open Source tools.
  • Mediasalsa
    • Digital Asset Management service for schools, universities, libraries,… Highly customized to your needs.



  • Development
    • Our developers combine know-how with the latest technologies to match your highest expectations.
  • System Administration
    • Your business needs a strong backbone. Our skilled System Administrators and Engineers will help you build infrastructure you can rely on.
  • Audit
    • Open Source architecture / Project Management / Workshops

Implementation - Open Source


  • Custom web development
    • Your brand deserves more than off the shelf. Whether it’s your brand’s online identity, content platform or specialized software.
  • Business Process Management
    • We guide you through the process of automating, monitoring and maintaining all your business processes.
  • On-demand / Versatile
    • No project is ever the same so we strive to be really flexible. Except for using Open Source tools we have nothing set in stone.