Inuits’ GDPR compliance statement - september 2017


It is not a secret anymore that every company in the European Union, that processes data is affected by the new GDPR privacy regulations, as is Inuits. Data is the company’s highest valuable resource, especially for us where we develop lots of applications which are build around data. And therefore it should always be protected against those who have bad intentions.

The new regulations of the EU enforces our company to safeguard consumer data security rights even more. As an Open Source company we constantly innovate to keep up and to stay ahead of the market. Therefore we strive to be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation of May 2018.

Serve and Protect

The data that we process in our applications, is extremely valuable for us, because it feeds our own designed applications. Therefore we handle it with care and make sure that it is impregnable. For safeguarding we will secure and audit the access to the data and eventually protect the data subjects, meaning your information.

Besides safeguarding your precious data, we also safeguard the data subject’s rights, your rights…. You can easily request to see your data stored in our database at any time! If a case occurs, where you would rather see your data removed/deleted, we will obey your right to be forgotten.

If in case there is a breach, Inuits’ DPA’s will notify the European Commission Privacy Board and the data subject, whose data is being leaked, within 72 hours after the breach is detected. Immediately after detecting, Inuits will investigate the breach and try to reduce further exposure or harm.

Short overview of new key changes that Inuits will take into account:

Personal Privacy

Rights of the data subject:

  • Access personal data at Inuits
  • Erase or modify personal data stored at Inuits
  • Export personal data to other data controllers -> at all times!

Monitor and notifications

  • Breach notification
  • New consent and policy: notice of data collection
  • Logbooks
  • Monitor user data processing

Privacy and transparency

  • High privacy settings implemented by the development
  • Dataminimization: gather and store only necessary data
  • Websites: highest privacy setting set on default
  • Transparent policies: consent and processing

More information regarding GDPR can be found on the official EU website